20-25 Strategic Plan Priority Fund

Support of the 20-25 Strategic Plan Fund will help us advance the mission of the university.  

20-25 Strategic Plan Priority Fund

The mission of Gardner-Webb University is to prepare graduates for leadership and service in their professional careers and in their personal lives. Forged within a supportive and diverse Christian community, our students emerge ready to impact their chosen professions, equipped with the skills to advance the frontiers of knowledge, and inspired to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others.  Your support of the 20-25 Strategic Plan fund will aid the University in meeting the outlined goals listed below.  



20 -25 Strategic Plan for Growth and Excellence 

Commitment 1: Enrollment, Retention and Student Success

We will make our University a destination of first choice for an increasing number of students from around the state, from across the region, and beyond. 

Commitment 2:  Strengthening GWU's Financial Base

We will increase and diversify the sources of revenue needed to sustain the growth and strengthening of our vibrant, comprehensive University.

Commitment 3: Become an Indispensable partner to the town, county, and region.  

We will increase our positive impact in the broader community and in the region by partnering with those who share our interest in improving the quality of life in Cleveland County and beyond. 

Commitment 4:  Respect our heritage, extend our brand, and sharpen our identity.  

We will achieve and sustain a reputation as North Carolina's leader in Christian higher education. 


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