School of Divinity

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School of Divinity

The Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity aims to equip, nurture, encourage, and support men and women for their very best service in the Kingdom of God. 

The School of Divinity offers two degree programs: the Master of Divinity and the Doctor of Ministry. Scholars teach classical Christian disciplines with full awareness that academics alone will not meet the needs and challenges of the ministries to which God calls us. Unless we attend to our spiritual, personal, and emotional development, the ministries to which we are called will fall far short of our Lord’s expectations. Great faith manifests itself in who you are and how you act. 

"The gifts that I along with others have been able to share through the years, have made theological education possible for thousands of students who are serving in churches and ministries around the world." 

Robert Canoy

Dean and Professor of Christian Theology, School of Divinity


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